“I had absolutely no value for myself and this self-destructive path, it very quickly brought me to a real crisis point and it wasn’t clear at the time the reason. Maybe it was divine intervention.” Cullen grew up in a military family, moving 22 times within 22 years, she previously told The Virginian-Pilot. She won the title of Miss Virginia in 1994 and went on to compete in Miss America as a 23-year-old pianist from Virginia https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/xanax-addiction-signs-symptoms-and-treatment/ Beach. Cullen—who is planning to go through AA once again—is also leaning on fans during this difficult time. In a follow-up video, she said she was “astonished” by the support she’s received in the face of her health challenges. Pointing out her black eye and short haircut, Cullen explained that she wants viewers to see what her life is like as she holds herself accountable to stay clean after serving 30 days behind bars.

xanax addiction

Like other benzodiazepines (commonly called “benzos”), Xanax produces a dopamine surge which may be responsible for its addictive properties. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has been described as a pleasure chemical. This can produce a high that is enjoyed and repeatedly chased by users, encouraging this medication to be abused.

What are the Symptoms of Xanax Misuse and Addiction?

They become vulnerable to sexual assault, theft and other transgressions. Xanax addiction affects the lives of millions of people each year. Find out how it impacts your body and brain to develop a better… BetterHelp can connect you to an addiction and mental health counselor. After taking Xanax, the peak effects of the drug are typically felt within one to two hours.

Other commonly prescribed benzodiazepines that pose a risk of dependence include Valium (diazepam) and Ativan (lorazepam). A sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic use disorder (hereafter referred to a sedative use disorder) is one of nine individuated disorders recognized in the DSM-5. In order for a person to be diagnosed with a sedative use disorder, at least two of a possible 11 symptoms must emerge in the same 12-month period. The more symptoms that are present, the higher grading the sedative use disorder will receive along a continuum from mild, to moderate, to severe. Often, people who are abusing Xanax have anxiety disorders they were trying to treat with the drug. Some 20 percent of Americans suffer from anxiety, Everyday Health reports.

Fear of Withdrawal

By Elizabeth Plumptre

Elizabeth is a freelance health and wellness writer. She helps brands craft factual, yet relatable content that https://ecosoberhouse.com/ resonates with diverse audiences. John C. Umhau, MD, MPH, CPE is board-certified in addiction medicine and preventative medicine.

Taking Xanax in combination with alcohol can cause life-threatening side effects. Like Xanax, alcohol enhances the effects of GABA on the central nervous system, which can cause impaired coordination, drowsiness, dizziness, and other physical and psychological effects. When an individual combines Xanax and alcohol, the tranquilizing effects of each substance are intensified. Therefore, mixing Xanax with alcohol can cause an individual to lose consciousness or slip into a coma. Depending on how much Xanax and alcohol are consumed together, combining these substances can even cause the user to stop breathing.

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